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Roman invasion

A Roman legion. Source: mehaniq41 / Adobe Stock.

A Brief History of Roman Britain: A Land Transformed

For the Romans, ancient Britain was the final frontier. Situated at the edge of the known world at the time, it was a symbol for the ultimate expansion of the Roman Empire. Conquering it meant...
Remote Sensing Technology Uncovers 66 “Hidden” Roman Bases In Spain

Remote Sensing Technology Uncovers 66 “Hidden” Roman Bases In Spain

Utilizing advanced aerial imaging and state-of-the-art remote sensing techniques, a team of historical and archaeological researchers have been able to chart the location of 66 previously...
Maiden Castle Hill fort, Dorset          Source: Dorset Council

Roman vs Britons Battle of AD43 Never Happened Says Academic

An archaeologist has been accused of ´inventing´ an AD 43 battle after digging up skeletons of an ancient Britonic tribe. It was recorded as the ´massacre´ of a tribe of Britons in Dorset’s Maiden...
Prehistoric well and steps recently uncovered at Mither Tap Hillfort, Scotland Source: Northern Picts /University of Aberdeen

Prehistoric Well Uncovered At Ancient Hillfort Might Be A Time Capsule Of Archaeological Gold

An ancient fresh water well with elaborate spiraling stone steps has been re-discovered on one of Scotland’s most mythologized mountain peaks near Aberdeen, and archaeologists were keen to peer into...