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Roman architecture

Ruins of the Roman Theatre of Sabratha city, Libya. A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1982. Source: E. Michael James/Adobe Stock

Stunning Sabratha: Discovering an Ancient Roman Port Through Its Ruins

Hidden away on the Mediterranean coast, 70 km west of Tripoli, lie the captivating ruins of Sabratha. This ancient Roman city was once renowned for its impressive architecture, artistic achievements...
Roman Kiosk and Apedamak (lion god) temple in Naqa, Nubia Sudan. Source: YiannisMantas/Adobe Stock

The Ancient City of Naqa - The Kushite Religious Stronghold

For centuries the ancient Nubian Kingdom of Kush stood as a potent rival of the neighboring Ancient Egypt. Over countless generations, the rising Kushite polity engaged in intermittent warfare, trade...