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ritual bath

A Jewish mikveh ritual bath from Syracuse, Sicily (not the ritual bath reported in this article). Source: Zde / Adobe Stock.

Sacred Jewish Ritual Bath Found Under Seedy Strip Club in Poland

The basement of a former strip club in the historic area of Lesser Poland, purchased 15 years ago, has accidentally revealed a historic Jewish site - a mikveh or Jewish ritual purification bath...
The Gethsemane garden area archaeological site where the ritual baths were found (far left just beyond the frame of this image).

Ancient Ritual Bath Found At Biblical Garden of Gethsemane

While constructing a tunnel near the garden of Gethsemane east of Jerusalem, builders uncovered an underground cavern that was later identified as a mikveh , or ritual bath, that was apparently used...
Featured image: Graffiti, including writing and drawings, were daubed and carved onto the walls of a mikvah in Jerusalem from about 2,000 years ago. (Shai Halevy, of the Israel Antiquities Authority)

Ancient Ritual Bath Found in Jerusalem with Aramaic Graffiti on it

Graffiti daubed in mud and ashes on a ritual bath from the Second Temple era in Jerusalem have been excavated in the course of preparations for construction of a school. Whenever construction...