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Norman dietary influences in England after the Battle of Hastings (pictured here) and the Norman Conquest.  Joseph Martin Kronheim (1810–96) / Public domain

The Norman Conquest Didn’t Kill the English Appetite

A team of researchers have established that Norman dietary influences in England after the Norman Conquest were less profound than previously imagined. This was a huge surprise given the perceived...
The bent and hunched bones of the woman with rickets. (Images by the journal Proceedings of the Prehistoric Society)

Stone Age woman with deformities may have been shunned by her community

A case of possible ostracism because of deformation caused by rickets has come to light in an ancient burial from the Scottish island of Tiree. The remains of the Stone Age woman, buried about 5,000...
Medici children malnutrition - Italy Florence

Bones from the wealthy and privileged Medici children show they suffered from malnutrition

The Medici family rose to power in the 13 th century in Florence and Tuscany through banking and commerce and became one of the most powerful families of the Renaissance period. However, new research...