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rice paddies

This mud and bamboo house in Bali, Indonesia, with rice paddies in the background, captures what the Chinese Baodun style of wattle and daub construction must have looked like based on the carbonized bamboo fragment recently unearthed at the archaeological site in Chengdu, China.                                                    Source: LoweStock / Adobe Stock

Neolithic Bamboo House and the Birthplace of Paddy Fields Found

The Chengdu Plain is an alluvial plain located on the western part of the Sichuan basin in southwestern China, which was the site of a recent breakthrough discovery. Six pieces of carbonized bamboo...
Ancient Eco Practices

Experts turning to ancient practices to save eco-systems

Experts are turning to ancient farming practices , such as raising fish in rice paddies in China and fire controls used by Australian Aborigines, in order to find ways to slow the extinctions of...