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Roman inflation from 90 BC onwards eventually brought the Roman Republic to its knees! The Roman Forum, the financial and political center of the city and the Republic would have been a busy place as Roman inflation began to destabilize the entire Roman world.		Source: Jebulon / CC0

Roman Republic Experienced Deep Financial Crisis in 90 BC, Study Shows

In the early first century BC, the Roman Republic experienced a multiyear financial crisis, which we can call “Roman inflation.” But while scholars knew that some kind of breakdown in the Roman...
The Battle of Nicopolis, took place during the earliest stages of the Ottoman-Venetian Wars, a miniature by Jean Colombe painted in circa 1475.

The Ottoman-Venetian Wars: 322 Years Of Battles Between East and West

While it started out full of ambition, the highly influential maritime power, the Republic of Venice, soon found itself surrounded by competitors and foes. One of their major enemies was the lofty...