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Ramses II

Ancient frescoes often depict scenes from the daily life, religious rituals, or important events of an Egyptian Pharaoh. Source: EdNurg/Adobe Stock

A Day in the Life of an Egyptian Pharaoh

Ancient Egypt, one of the greatest civilizations to have ever existed, spanned a vast timeline, lasting for approximately 3,000 years. For much of that time, it was ruled over by god-kings known as...
Temple of Rameses II at Abu Simbel. Source: matiplanas/Adobe Stock

Audacious Attempt to Crane Lift Away 10-tonne Pharaonic Statue Foiled

Thieves trying to loot a giant antique statue by prizing it up with a crane ended up in police custody in Aswan in Egypt. The statue of pharaoh Ramesses II weighs a whopping 10 tonnes. According to...
Sarcophagus of Ramses II’s royal secretary discovered in Saqqara, Egypt. Source: MOTA

Red-Pink Granite Sarcophagus of Ramses II’s Secretary Found at Saqqara

The pink-red granite sarcophagus of Ptahmweia, a royal secretary during the reign of Ramses II (1279-1213 BC) of the Nineteenth Dynasty, has been discovered at the Saqqara necropolis. This is the...
The recently unveiled Saqqara tomb boasts stunning artwork on the walls. Source: Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities

Impressive Tomb of Royal Scribe Unveiled at Saqqara Necropolis

Saqqara, an ancient Egyptian village in the Giza area, renowned for its massive burial ground of Egyptian pharaohs, served as the royal necropolis for the ancient Egyptian capital of Memphis. Since...
AI Technology Used to Recreate the Face of Biblical Pharaoh

AI Technology Used to Recreate the Face of Biblical Pharaoh

Technology is changing almost every aspect of our lives. It is also transforming how we understand and relate to our past and heritage. A new initiative, ‘My Colorful Past’ is using facial...
Pink granite statue of Ramses II uncovered in Giza.    Source: Ministry of Antiquities

Illegal Dig Leads to Unique Pink Statue of Ramses II

The Egyptian Supreme Antiquities Council have announced a historic discovery. A very rare pink or rose granite statue of one of the greatest of pharaohs, Ramses II has been unearthed. What makes the...
Granite sphinx of Rameses II, moved from Memphis Egypt to Philadelphia USA in 1913           Source: Penn Museum Archive.

Hi-Tech Levitation Devices Used To “Float” Ancient Egyptian Sphinx

In 1913, archaeologists working with the Egyptian Antiquities Service, the Egypt Exploration Fund and the British School of Archaeology, excavated an enormous red-granite sphinx representing the...
Owner of Mummified Legs Likely to Be Nefertari, Favorite Queen of Ramses II

Owner of Mummified Legs Likely to Be Nefertari, Favorite Queen of Ramses II

They are not very pretty to look at now, but a pair of mummified legs are now believed to have belonged to a much sought after queen of ancient Egypt who had been buried in an elaborate and...
The ruins of Sahure’s pyramid

Archaeologists find 4,500-year-old statue of little known Egyptian king

A broken statue with the name of King Sahure, a pharaoh who ruled nearly 4,500 years ago, has been excavated in Egypt by Belgian archaeologists. Little is known of King Sahure, who reigned during the...
The ruins of the fortress near the ancient fortified city of Tell Habua after recent excavations

Newly discovered fortress on Way of Horus in Egypt stood sentinel against its enemies

Ancient Egypt was one of the most powerful civilizations of the ancient world, but it was under attack by other peoples at various times throughout its history. Consequently, it had a powerful...