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Queen Mary

Encounter between Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor and Henry VIII. In the background is depicted the Battle of the Spurs against Louis XII of France. (Public Domain)

Tudor Intrigues and Intricacies - A Royal Guard’s Journal

The journal of a certain Edward Underhill offers a rare insight into the intrigues and intricacies of the Tudor court, for as a member of the monarch’s personal guard, he interacted with all the...
Painting by Glindoni of John Dee performing an experiment for Elizabeth I.	Source: Henry Gillard Glindoni/ CC BY 4.0

Queen Elizabeth I's Astronomer, John Dee (Video)

Dr. John Dee , the Renaissance luminary and confidant to Queen Elizabeth I , epitomized the intellectual spirit of 16th-century England. A polymath with interests ranging from astrology to...
Archaeologists exhume a body from the quadrangle of Robert Gordon College in Aberdeen, Scotland.

Medieval mass grave lay hidden just two feet below a college in Scotland

A mass grave with 25 bodies from the Medieval era is being excavated “just a couple of feet below” on the grounds of a private college in Aberdeen, Scotland. The bodies, some from the 13 th century,...