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psychological warfare

Experimental models of Aztec death whistles

Scientists Recreate Aztec Death Whistle’s Deathly Noise

Experts have recreated the terrifying sound of the Aztec Death Whistle - using a 3D printer. The whistle's design is based on the skull-shaped originals found in Mexico in the 1990s. Historically,...
Dogs of War: Ancient History of Animals in Warfare

Dogs of War: Ancient History of Animals in Warfare

Man and beast have partnered for various reasons over tens of thousands of years—almost always for food or protection. The dirty history of animals in warfare is sometimes inspiring, sometimes...
Meeting Between Cambyses II and Psammetichus III, as imaginatively recreated by the French painter Adrien Guignet

The Battle of Pelusium: Psychological warfare leads Persians to victory

The Battle of Pelusium is an historically important battle that took place in the 6th century BC, in which the Egyptians were decisively defeated by the Persians, and the Persians became the new...