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precious stones

The precious stone ring up close and clean. (Israel Antiquities Authority)

Ancient Precious Stone Ring Found In Israel: Cure For Hangovers?

A centuries-old spectacular precious stone ring has been recovered from an excavation site in the city of Yavne in central Israel, the Israel Antiquities Authority has announced . The type of stone...
Diamonds and ruby.

King of the Ancient Gemstones: Ruby Trumps Diamond

Western culture has a relatively shallow relationship with gemstones. Most people place great value on diamonds as being symbolic of commitment and only a few know this entire ritual began in a 1947...
The Kangyur Written with 9 Precious Stones

The Kangyur Written with 9 Precious Stones

Buddhism was founded over two and a half millennia ago in India by Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha (Sanskrit for ‘awakened one’). Like the practitioners of Hinduism, Buddhists believe in the concept...