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Peter the Great

The reconstructed Amber Room. 	Source: Public Domain

The Majestic Amber Room that Went Missing From Charlottenburg Palace

The gleaming yellow gold hue of amber is one of nature’s wonders and one which has been sought after and admired for centuries. It is perhaps for this reason that the precious fossilized tree resin...
Top image: The Emperor's Carpet. Source: The Metropolitan Museum of Art / Public Domain

Reinvigorating an Emperor's Persian Carpet – A Three Year Journey (Video)

Standing before The Emperor's Carpet, a masterpiece of Persian artistry from the 16th century, we unveil its remarkable history. This exquisite creation likely emerged during the reign of Shah...
Russian with a beard. 	Source: venerala / Adobe Stock

Peter the Great Ordered a Beard Tax to Discourage Russian Facial Hair!

Peter the Great (1672 – 1725 AD), ruler of the Tsardom of Russia, was so hellbent on modernizing Russia according to European standards that he ordered all men to ditch their long overcoats and shave...
Bronze Horseman on Thunder Stone Monolith Pedestal

The Thunder Stone and Bronze Horseman: The Monolithic Savior of St Petersburg?

The Bronze Horseman is a monument located in the Russian city of Saint Petersburg. The pedestal of this equestrian statue is known as the Thunder Stone, a monolith claimed to be the largest block of...
Distance view of the Kremlin. Source: parsadanov / Adobe Stock.

The Moscow Kremlin – Iconic Fortress of Russia

The Moscow Kremlin (known also as the Kremlin ) is arguably one of the most iconic monuments in the Russian capital of Moscow. The Kremlin is a fortified complex that dates to the 14 th century and...
Portrait of Peter the Great. Source: Themadchopper / Public Domain.

The Great and Not So Great Deeds of Peter the Great

Peter I (more commonly known as Peter the Great) was a ruler of the Tsardom of Russia (the Russian Empire from 1721) who lived between the 17th and 18th centuries. He is often considered to be one of...