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3D Reconstruction of the El Argar civilization’s La Bastida site.           Source: Dani Méndes, Revives / Eureka

Spanish Skeletons Reveal Deep-Rooted Inequality of El Argar Society

The El Argar society thrived in complex hilltop settlements across the Iberian Peninsula from 2200-1550 BC, and gravesites and settlement layouts from the time provide strong evidence of a marked...
A model of the prehistoric town of Los Millares, with its walls. Andalucia, Spain

The Lost Iberian Civilization of Los Millares: Was Copper the Secret of its Success?

Los Millares is an impressive size settlement that was in use from the end of the 4th millennium BC to the 2nd millennium BC. During these twenty centuries, the mysterious people who created this...
A dolmen on Ganghwado, South Korea.

Looking for the Origins of the Mysterious Dolmens of Korea

The megalithic constructions in Korea are mind blowing. Researchers still have more questions than answers, but the hundreds of dolmens are among the most fascinating archaeological sites in the...
The Spanish Armada and English ships in August 1588, (unknown, 16th-century, English School)

Hungry for Domination: The Surprise Attack of the Spanish Armada on Cornwall

King Philip II of Spain was always hungry for new adventures and conquering new lands. His greatest competition were the English, who also dreamed of world domination. Thus, the King of Spain went...
Bahrain Fort

Ancient Persian Cuneiform Contract and Artifacts Discovered in Bahrain Fort

A private contract written in Akkadian script on a clay tablet has been discovered among other artifacts in a fort in Bahrain. The discovery, reported in Trade Arabia , was found among a number of...