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Medieval battlefield. Source: Gorodenkoff / Adobe Stock

Aeons of Battle: The 5 Longest Wars in History

In the annals of humanity there is one phenomenon that has consistently weaved and threaded itself through the fabric of time. It is, of course, war, which from the very earliest times until the...
The magi or three kings who followed the Star of Bethlehem to find the new-born Jesus. Source: Pawel Horazy / Adobe Stock

Did Augustus' Royal Coins Lead the Magi from Parthia to Bethlehem?

One of the great mysteries of the New Testament is the Star of Bethlehem and the magi (the three kings or wise men) who “followed” the star to pay their respects to the newborn Jesus . Most...
Roman leader and his soldiers. Credit: vukkostic / Adobe Stock

Lucius Verus – The Outshone Roman Emperor Governed by his Vices

Lucius Verus was a Roman emperor who lived during the 2nd century AD. Unfortunately for Lucius, he is often forgotten by history, as his reign is overshadowed by that of Marcus Aurelius, his co-...