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The ruins of the Forty Columns Fortress in the Paphos Archaeological Park, Cyprus, not far from where the carved bedrock banquet area and ancient was recently unearthed on Fabrica Hill.

Ancient Feast Seating Carved in Bedrock Found At Paphos, Cyprus

A team of French and Polish archaeologists exploring ancient ruins in Paphos, Cyprus have discovered a ceremonial seating area carved into the bedrock next to the foundation of a now-destroyed...
All images credit Ioannis Syrigos.

Which Invading Elite Are Buried in Cyprus’ Monumental Tombs of the Kings?

The Tombs of the Kings is an awe-inspiring archaeological site located in the Paphos District of Cyprus. The site is a 2,400-year-old necropolis that is carved into massive rocks. It is so immense...
Agia Kryiaki Church. Inset: Saint Paul’s Column.

Saint Paul’s Column: Ancient Pillar Where Paul the Apostle Was Scourged with Hundreds of Lashes

Saint Paul’s Column is a historically significant landmark situated in the Cypriot city of Paphos . According to local accounts, this was the place where Paul the Apostle was tortured when he first...
A house and villa in Nea Paphos, a town of vital importance to Greek and Egyptian rulers for its harbor and nearby timber for ship construction.

How Old Are the Most Ancient Houses in a Prominent Cypriot City?

Polish archaeologists working on Cyprus have discovered the oldest-known homes in Nea Paphos, a prominent capital city and harbor of the ancient Greeks. The homes date back an impressive 2,400 years...