All images credit Ioannis Syrigos.

Which Invading Elite Are Buried in Cyprus’ Monumental Tombs of the Kings?

The Tombs of the Kings is an awe-inspiring archaeological site located in the Paphos District of Cyprus. The site is a 2,400-year-old necropolis that is carved into massive rocks. It is so immense...
Agia Kryiaki Church. Inset: Saint Paul’s Column.

Saint Paul’s Column: Ancient Pillar Where Paul the Apostle Was Scourged with Hundreds of Lashes

Saint Paul’s Column is a historically significant landmark situated in the Cypriot city of Paphos . According to local accounts, this was the place where Paul the Apostle was tortured when he first...
A house and villa in Nea Paphos, a town of vital importance to Greek and Egyptian rulers for its harbor and nearby timber for ship construction.

How Old Are the Most Ancient Houses in a Prominent Cypriot City?

Polish archaeologists working on Cyprus have discovered the oldest-known homes in Nea Paphos, a prominent capital city and harbor of the ancient Greeks. The homes date back an impressive 2,400 years...