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Paleolithic art

The Creswell Horsehead. Source: Trustees of the British Museum / CC by SA 4.0.

The Cresswell Horsehead: The Oldest Art Ever Found in Britain (Video)

The Cresswell Horsehead stands as a significant archaeological discovery, representing the oldest example of art found in Britain. This ancient artifact, dating back to the end of the Ice Age over 11...
A cliffside Ice Age Colombian art “mural,” discovered in 2019, that simply boggles the mind in its size and extreme location!    Source: Marie-Claire Thomas / Wild Blue Media Ltd

Ice Age Colombian Art Found Painted On Remote Jungle Cliffs

Tens of thousands of paintings of people, giant extinct animals and psychedelic plants from 12,500 years ago have been discovered on remote cliffs in Colombia. This rare collection of Ice Age...
Main: Camels fighting. Credit: fraenzken / Adobe Stock. Inset: Camel etchings show fighting camels which could represent the mating season. Credit: Yuri Esin

Stone Age Etchings of Camel Fight Found on Siberian Mammoth Tusk

Ancient engravings etched onto a 13,000-year-old mammoth tusk have been examined and are believed to include the oldest known images of camels in Asia. Several ancient camel etchings on the tusk, one...
Panel 2, graphic unit 3, which has been affected by calcite formations and humidity   Source: Blanca Ochoa et al. / Antiquity Publishers Ltd

40,000-Year-Old Cave Art Fills Basque Country Void

New cave paintings discovered in northern Spain date back 40,000 years and demonstrating two distinct artistic styles. According to a new paper published by lead author Blanca Ochoa, in journal...