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The latest innovation in home DNA tests uses ancient DNA to reveal unique insights into ancestry. Source: cooperr / Adobe Stock

Are You Related To An Ancient VIP?

Home DNA testing has exploded in popularity in recent years, with millions of people around the world using these kits to learn more about their ancestry and genetic health risks. However, while...
Geneticist contemplating his DNA dataset. Source: Grispb / Adobe Stock

Conclusions About Ancient Populations May be Drastically Wrong Due to Dodgy Method

Hundreds of thousands of peer-reviewed papers in genetics employ a method called Principal Component Analysis. But new research shows this method is highly biased. This means that multitudes of major...
Breakthrough research into alternative dating technology using the Temporal Population Structure (TPS) tool could provide more accurate dating of ancient remains. Source: / Adobe Stock

Successfully Dating a Mummy Just Got Easier. New Testing Revealed

It is no secret that in dating, timing is everything. When studying the past, whether finding coins, bones, or pathogens buried in a mound – the question of when they are from makes the difference...
Testing of DNA molecules

DNA Tool Allows You To Trace Your Ancient Ancestry

University of Sheffield Scientists at the University of Sheffield studying ancient DNA have created a tool allowing them to more accurately identify ancient Eurasian populations, which can be used to...