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Oxford University overlaid with Aztec sun stone. Source:  luisrsphoto / Adobe Stock / ryanking999 /Adobe Stock

The University of Oxford is Older than the Aztec Civilization!

The University of Oxford is so old that its existence predates the Aztec civilization by more than 200 years! Here are the facts: People were learning at the University of Oxford by 1096 and the...
Reconstruction to the front left garden area of Frewin Hall has revealed Oxford’s lost college, St. Mary’s College, destroyed by King Henry VIII’s dissolution policies.		Source: Simon Gannon / Oxford Mail

“Lost College” of Oxford University Found In Reconstruction Project

Oxford University’s “lost Augustinian college,” i.e., medieval St. Mary’s College, which existed for 106 years in the days of the Tudors (1485-1603). The ancient outlines of the lost college of...
Kosher food served at a Jewish meal.

Medieval Dump Proves Jews In Oxford Only Ate Kosher Foods

New findings from an 800-year-old trash dump in Oxford, England, show that in the face of extreme adversity medieval Jews in England managed to adhere, strictly, to kosher food laws as laid out in...
Norman dietary influences in England after the Battle of Hastings (pictured here) and the Norman Conquest.  Joseph Martin Kronheim (1810–96) / Public domain

The Norman Conquest Didn’t Kill the English Appetite

A team of researchers have established that Norman dietary influences in England after the Norman Conquest were less profound than previously imagined. This was a huge surprise given the perceived...
It is alleged that biblical artifacts have been bought by Hobby Lobby for the Museum of the Bible shown here. Source: CC BY-SA 4.0

Oxford Professor Embroiled In Biblical Artifacts Scandal

An Oxford University professor stands accused of illegally selling rare ancient Bible fragments to a controversial religious US company. Dirk Obbink was one of the world’s most celebrated classics...
Scholarly tools from left: quills, styluses and book clasps.

Tools of Medieval Wisdom Unearthed Beneath England’s Ancient Academic Hub

Archaeologists in England have unearthed in excess of 10,000 medieval artifacts in central Oxford and every single one of them is providing a clearer picture of day to day life at Oxford University,...
Medieval leather shoes found at the Westgate site, Oxford, England

Over 100 Rare Leather and Wooden Artifacts Found in Oxford Dig

Archaeologists excavating in Oxford have found a stockpile of wonderfully preserved medieval leather and wooden artifacts, which is as good as gold in their eyes. They expect to uncover many more...
Numerous skeletons of sexually perverse Nuns discovered in Oxford

Numerous skeletons of sexually perverse Nuns discovered in Oxford

Archaeologists have discovered the skeletons of a number of ‘sex-obsessed’ nuns who were eventually punished for their sins by having their priory dissolved and their prioress pensioned off. The team...