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Viano Castle opening, viewed at night.  Source: Marcello Assandri

Vejano Castle Opened Up For the First Time in 414 Years

Today, after 414 years, the castle of Vejano (once Viano), Italy opened its heavy doors to experts coming from seven countries. Prince Landolfo di Napoli Rampolli, whose family has owned the castle...
All video courtesy of Marcello Assandri.

Huge Lost Medieval and Renaissance Castle Complex Discovered in Italy

A large medieval or Renaissance castle has been discovered amongst the foliage of a hill in Lazio, Italy. The discovery was made after investigations based on satellite imaging, which clearly...
Left; Vejano Castle, Vejano, Italy, street view of tower and entry bridge. Right, the triangular Vejano castle from above. Source: Left; Croberto68/ CC BY-SA 3.0, Right; Google Earth

Unearthing Italy's Hidden Castles 3: Rites and Recreation in the Renaissance

How did people unwind in the Renaissance? Well, spa baths were still popular since the days of the Roman Republic, but also competitions, and of course, who doesn’t love a good feast? All of these...
Bracciano Castle, Lazio, Italy.	Source: franco lucato/Adobe Stock /Adobe Stock

Unearthing Italy's Hidden Renaissance Castles: Bracciano Castle, the Orsini HQ

The current castle at Bracciano - Orsini-Odescalchi Castle - was built by Napoleone Orsini and his son Virginio starting in 1470. It is one the best maintained castles in Italy and host to numerous...
Marcello at the site of Alteto Castle, near Vejano, Lazio, Italy. Source: Marcello Assandri

Unearthing Italy's Hidden Renaissance Castles: The Borgia and Orsini Affair

Having a home in the fascinating historic town of Vejano, north of Rome, fueled Marcello Assandri’s curiosity about the history of the area. He has scoured the National State Italian Archive, the...