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Peruvian nose ornament with spiders. Source: Metropolitan Museum of Art / Public Domain.

Ancient Peruvians Loved Spider-Themed Nose Jewelry (Video)

Peruvian fashion in ancient times showcased septum jewelry adorned with spiders, a unique and captivating choice. These intricate ornaments, often cast in gold, were far from everyday wear, instead...
The Hongshan dragon made from mussel shells. Credit: Inner Mongolia Daily

Ancient Neolithic Dragon Made of Mussel Shells Unearthed in Inner Mongolia

Archaeologists have made an exciting discovery in North China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region – an ancient dragon assembled from mussel shells. It predates one of the earliest dragon ornaments...
Golden seal excavated from the Ming battlefield site on the Jiangkou stretch of the Minjiang River in Meishan City, southwest China.  Source: Xinhua / Liu Kun

Over 10,000 Extremely Rare Relics Unearthed From Ming Battlefield

Chinese archaeologists have made a historic discovery. Along with thousands of other artifacts, they have unearthed a very rare gold imperial seal that was possibly used by the heir apparent of an...
Ostrich eggshell beads have been used to cement relationships in Africa for more than 30,000 years.  Source: John Klausmeyer, Yuchao Zhao & Brian Stewart / University of Michigan

Prehistoric Ostrich Egg Unravels Clues to Human Life 33,000 Years Ago

A team of scientists have discovered 33,000-year-old ostrich egg beads in the Lesotho Highlands, about a 1,000 kilometers away from where ostriches roamed. This establishes hitherto unknown...
4,000-year-old Children's Rattle Crafted as Bear Cub's Head: And it Still Rattles!

4,000-year-old Children's Rattle Crafted as Bear Cub's Head: And it Still Rattles!

By Tamara Zubchuk | The Siberian Times A find-of-the-year by Novosibirsk archeologists is a toy that entertained prehistoric babies. The remarkable discovery of one of the oldest toys in the world...