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oral history

Fijian oral tradition records that this hole was made when a spear was thrown by one god at the other, on the north coast of eastern Kadavu.	Source: Author Supplied/The Conversation

A Volcano Eruption Changed Lives in Fiji 2,500-years-ago. 100 Generations Have Kept the Story Alive

Patrick D. Nunn /The Conversation Can you imagine a scientist who could neither read nor write, who spoke their wisdom in riddles, in tales of fantastic beings flying through the sky, fighting each...
Herodotus, by Jean-Guillaume Moitte, relief 1806.

Herodotus, Cato the Censor and Josephus: Understanding the Life and Times of Historians of the Ancient World

For thousands of years, we turned to history to explain the what, why and how an event happened. Although “historian” did not become a professional occupation until the late nineteenth century, the...