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Amphitheater, Xanten Archeological Park

Xanten Archaeological Park – Step Back and Experience the Romans

Open-air archaeological parks or museums are increasingly popular as they bring the past to life. One of the largest in the world, if not the largest, is Xanten Archaeological Park in Germany . This...
Eketorp Fort in Sweden

Eketorp Fort in Sweden

Stora Alvaret, home to the Eketorp Fort, is a barren limestone terrace found in the southern half of the island of Öland, Sweden. The area of this formation exceeds 100 square miles (260 square...
Reconstructed longhouse at Gene Fornby

Gene Fornby: The Ancient Swedish Village That Predates the Vikings

Located just outside Örnsköldsvik in northern Sweden, Gene Fornby is a reconstructed archaeological open-air museum based on the finds of an ancient settlement. It became a popular tourist attraction...