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Oda Nobunaga

King Leonidas, standing in front of 300 Spartan soldiers. Source: Ferenc/ Adobe Stock

The Warlords: The Most Fearless Military Leaders (Video)

In the sweep of history, some figures shine as exemplars of martial prowess and strategic genius. From the ancient battlefields to the turbulent Middle Ages, fearless military leaders left an...
Tokugawa Ieyasu was the epitome of the rags to riches possibilities for Japanese samurai.    Source: Dusan Kostic / Adobe Stock

Tokugawa Ieyasu: Most Powerful Shogun and Great Unifier of Japan

Throughout the medieval history of Japan, it was the shoguns that held the real power in the country. As powerful military dictators, they were the de facto rulers of Japan, subordinate only to the...
Himeji Castle in Spring         Source: CreEngine / Adobe Stock

Himeji Castle’s Fascinating Feudal History

Himeji-jo, known also as Himeji Castle , is located in Himeji City, in Japan’s Hyogo Prefecture. A fort was originally built during the 14 th century AD on the present-day castle site, though the...