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Archaeologists on site after excavations revealed several miniature pyramids in Sedeinga in Sudan. Source: Vincent Francigny / SEDAU

The Mystery of the Miniature Pyramids of Sedeinga in Sudan

From the iconic pyramids of Egypt to the lesser-known discoveries in Sudan, a journey through ancient history unveils intriguing mysteries. While Egypt's pyramid monuments loom large, Sudan's...
Old photo of one of the tombs in the Nubian cemetery discovered in 1908. 	Source: University of Manchester

Records from Early 20th Century Nubian Excavations Miraculously Rediscovered

A researcher combing through the archives at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom discovered a set of 115-year-old documents that were believed to have been permanently lost eight...
Detail of the Meroë head, now housed at the British Museum in London. Source: Paul Hudson / CC BY 2.0

Cracking the Mystery of the Decapitated Meroë Head

Sometimes, modern archaeology reveals something that simply baffles us. Whether it is an item with inexplicable origins, or an out of place artifact, archaeology and history combined often leave us...
Head of the statue discovered at the site of Dangeil in Sudan.

2,600-Year-Old Statue Identified as Vengeful Kush Ruler

Almost a decade ago archaeologists exploring a ruined temple dedicated to the Egyptian god Amun, near the Nile River in modern day Sudan, found a 2,600-year-old statue, but his identity remained...
Nubia and the Powerful Kingdom of Kush

Nubia and the Powerful Kingdom of Kush

Pharaonic Egypt is arguably the most famous ancient civilization on the African continent. This does not mean, however, that it was the only ancient civilization that sprang from African soil. Egypt’...