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Northern Ireland

Aerial image of Bonamargy Friary in Northern Ireland. Source: peter / Adobe Stock

The Haunted History and Resting Heroes of Bonamargy Friary

Old ruins and abandoned places have always tickled the imagination. They’ve also been a primary source for local legends across the centuries. Ireland, thanks to its long and rich history, is full of...
Neolithic houses. Source: AI generated

Grand Neolithic Homes Dating Back 5,800 Years Found in Northern Ireland

In the past, archaeologists exploring near the banks of Lough Foyle in Ireland have found ruins and artifacts linked to the first millennium AD Kingdom of Aileach. But evidence suggests this area was...
Shocking Truth Behind Death of Ireland’s Egyptian Mummy Unraveled

Shocking Truth Behind Death of Ireland’s Egyptian Mummy Exposed

Researchers have established that Northern Ireland’s most famous Egyptian mummy was murdered. The mummy, which is the cadaver of a woman called Takabuti who lived 2,600 years ago, is now known to...
The Giant's Causeway – Where Geology Blends With Mythology

The Giant's Causeway – Where Geology Blends With Mythology

Nature sure has its way of dazzling us. Sometimes the greatest wonders lie before our eyes, full of enigma and secrets that are lost in time. Geological formations are often full of odd shapes and...
Man drinking alcohol. Credit: Rainer Fuhrmann / Adobe Stock

Infamous Ancient Irish Spirit Is Now Legal and Sales Are Booming!

An Irish spirit that was until recently illegal is making a big comeback. Poteen which is pronounced as potcheen is a potent alcoholic drink and was notorious because it was so strong. Distillers in...
Irish historic sword found by 10-year old Fionntan Hughes in Northern Ireland with his new metal detector on his first day of treasure hunting.            Source: Brian Quinn / Clonoe Gallery

Boy With A Metal Detector Finds Historic Irish Sword On A Riverbank

A young boy with a metal detector has made an amazing discovery in Northern Ireland . With the detector, given to him on his birthday, he found an Irish historic sword that could be up to 300 years...