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Nordic Bronze Age

Ornate Prehistoric Bronze Sword Excavated In Denmark

Ornate Prehistoric Bronze Sword Excavated In Denmark

A bronze sword has been extracted from the ground in Denmark. Archaeologists are amazed at the excellent condition in which it has been found, including its wood and horn hilt which have survived for...
Details of an ancient Roman bronze statue. Credit: giorgio / Adobe Stock

The Bronze Age - A Spark That Changed the World

The development of civilization was a long and complex process, and it always rested on industry and technology. As our ancestors stepped from one millennium to another, and the Stone Age evolved...
Little is known about the Neolithic Age Battle Axe culture, but archaeologists and scholars continue to apply new technologies to piece together a more complete picture. (Image, Stone Axes in Turov Local History Museum).        Source: Grigory Bruev

The Battle Axe Culture: Piecing Together the Age of Crushed Skulls

Peering into the development stages of the Neolithic cultures of Old Europe has always been a challenging task for archaeologists and scholars. Reaching so far back into time in the hope of piecing...