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Eudald Carbonell

Once Boy’ Discovery Casts Doubt on View of Human Origins

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Recent discoveries show that the first human inhabitants of Western Europe came from Asia, and not from Africa, as previously believed.

Spanish Paleontologist, Eudald Carbonell, has said that the discovery of a child known as ‘Once Boy’, may shed new light on human origins in Europe.  Archaeological discoveries in Western Europe have revealed rudimentary tools typical of early Africa-based human species Homo Habilis, but  ‘Once Boy’ appears to have a closer resemblance to the 1.8 million year-old Homo Antecessor remains found in the Caucasus nation of Georgia. This suggests that the first human inhabitants of Western Europe came from Asia.

Until now, it was widely believe that Homo Antecessor was a precursor of European Neanderthals and Homo Sapiens, which originated in Africa, but the lack of Homo Antecessor traces in Africa and the possible links between the Georgia fossil and Once Boy suggest that Homo Antecessor was an evolutionary dead end.

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