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New technology in archaeology

New Technology May Help Solve Archaeological Mysteries

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Many of the world’s greatest mysteries about ancient civilizations and human origins could be solved by emerging forms of technology.

According to nuclear physicist , Professor Claudio Tuniz, advanced scientific technology in nuclear physics and x-rays have revealed more about palaeoanthropology in the last few years than in the hundred years prior.

New technology involving transportable instruments enables archaeological finds to be analysed in situ rather than having to remove them from the site and study them in a laboratory.  For example, Dr Tuniz plans to use new x-ray instruments to date and analyse Aboriginal rock art in Australia without having to take a sample of the work.

New forms of laser technology which enable the location of previously unknown historical sites to be discovered are also transforming archaeology.

Dr Tuniz has described the remarkable advancements as the ‘new age of archaeology’.  The answers to some of earth’s greatest mysteries may just be a small step away. 

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