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Antikythera Wreck

More artefacts to be found at Antikythera


The Antikythera mechanism is one of the most famous ancient technology artefacts. It is an artefact that keeps puzzling the scientists who are still trying to find out what its real purpose was. The artefact was found at an ancient shipwreck that goes back to the first century BC at the Greek island Antikythera.

Since Jacque Cousteau in the 1970s, nobody has visited the wreck since. Last October a team of divers of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution have visited the site again for another look. The divers found many artefacts spread around the sea bed with the largest one to be a lead anchor. But the most interesting items they have found are many small spherical objects around the wreck. The objects were found almost 200 meters away from the place that Cousteau searched in 1970s, which suggest that they may belong to another shipwreck.

It is possible for more strange artefacts like the Antykythera mechanism to be found in the area? Time will show.

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