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Arizona Canals

Ancient Canals in Arizona Show Signs of Advanced Engineering


In the foothills of Mount Graham in Arizona lies a network of mysterious canals believed to have come from an ancient civilization that existed thousands of years ago.

The sophisticated irrigation system that provided water to prehistoric America fields and villages contains 21 distinct networks and involves at least 40 miles of canals, some at elevations as high as 4,300 feet.

The canals are clearly man-made with ditches about 1 yard wide carved into the hillside and outer edges supported by layers of stone to prevent erosion.

Electrical engineer and author, Don Lancaster, has stated that the design reflects not just hard labour but remarkable engineering and advanced societal organisation from a prehistoric culture. 

No ancient surveying equipment has been found, and it remains unclear how such engineering was accomplished.

James A. Neely, a professor emeritus of anthropology from the University of Texas-Austin, has detailed the amazing precision of the canals, some cut at an average grade of less than 2%, so slight that in places there is an illusion of reverse flow.

According to Neely, the network of canals tell us that “our ancient ancestors were much more sophisticated and intelligent than we’ve given them credit for”.

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Not bad for a bunch of ancient "savages"!

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