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Panorama of the tomb of Khentkaus III.

The Tomb of Khentkaus III: A Cautionary Tale of Climate Change?

The reign and remains of a recently discovered “Queen Mother” of ancient Egypt will provide vital new information about the civilization’s distant past, and may provide cautionary information for...
A general view of the ancient Egyptian necropolis at Abu Sir. The pyramid of Sahure is in the forground with the causeway leading up to it. Visible further back is the mastaba of Ptah Shepsus and all the way towards the back is the pyramid of Neferirkare.

Archaeologists unearth tomb of previously unknown Queen in Egypt

A team of Czech archaeologists has discovered a tomb in an ancient Egyptian necropolis that belongs to a Pharaonic Queen, who ruled around 4,500 years ago and who was previously unknown to historians...