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Representational image of a Chinese naval battle. Source: Public domain

The Battle of Lake Poyang and Its Pivotal Impact on China

The Battle of Lake Poyang stands as one of the largest naval engagements in recorded history, showcasing the might and strategic prowess of warring factions during the tumultuous period of the rise...
A Byzantine ship using Greek fire against an enemy ship. Source: Public Domain

Greek Fire Is Every Sailor's Deadly Nightmare (Video)

Investigating the historical narrative of Greek Fire , the ancient Byzantine weapon emerges as a pivotal element during the Arab siege of Constantinople in 678 AD. In a daring counterattack, the...
HMS Victory in a storm. Source: Josephine / Adobe Stock.

How an 18th Century Sailing Battleship Worked (Video)

An 18th-century sailing battleship like Lord Nelson’s HMS Victory was a marvel of naval engineering , representing the pinnacle of naval warfare technology during that era. At its core was a robust...
View of the Turtle Ship at Hallyeo National Marine Park in Tongyeong, South Korea. Source: CC BY-SA 3.0

The Turtle Ship: A Contender for the World’s First Armored Battleship

As a species, humanity has always been shockingly gifted at finding new ways to kill one another. As wars have raged over the millennia, armaments have had to evolve. This has led to some genuinely...
The Classis Britannica was an important fleet in the Roman Navy. Source: RadoJavor/Deviant Art

Powerhouse of the Roman Navy: The Classis Britannica

The Roman Empire is perhaps best known for its legions, which were famous for their ability to overcome even their greatest defeats. However, while the legions of Rome were the all-conquering land...
The shipwreck found on Tankerton beach last year is now protected.

Authorities Give Protection to a Rare 16th Century Tudor Shipwreck Found on an English Beach

British experts have announced an amazing discovery on a beach in Kent. A group of amateur archaeologists has found a Tudor shipwreck that is up to five hundred years old. The find was totally...
Battle of Grand Port by Pierre-Julien Gilbert

Mauritius: From Conquests to Naval Battles, Piracy and a Long-Awaited Independence

Volcanic activity in the Indian Ocean gave rise to the island we know today as Mauritius. Undetected for millennia, like a tiny green emerald dropped in the azure blue Indian Ocean, it lay virginally...
Cao Cao cites a poem before the Battle of Red Cliffs, portrait at the Long Corridor of the Summer Palace, Beijing

Devastating Defeat for Chinese Warlord in Largest Naval Battle in History

The largest naval battle in history occurred in the winter of 208/9 AD as part of the war for control of China. Hundreds of thousands of soldiers fought - some estimates suggest that the exact number...
Where Did It Begin? Gathering Place for the Battle of Salamis is Found

Where Did It Begin? Gathering Place for the Battle of Salamis is Found

Archaeologists think they have found where the Greek fleet gathered before the 480 BC Battle of Salamis, fought between Greeks and Persians in the bay of Ampelakia. The team studying the area found...
Mary Rose: Tudor Painting and Tidal Analysis Offer Clues as to why it sank

Mary Rose: Tudor Painting and Tidal Analysis Offer Clues as to why it sank

Skulls, the ship’s figurehead and other artifacts from the wreck of a 1545 Tudor warship have been made available to peruse online in 3D reconstructions. But why did she sink? The answer is more...
A confused naval battle. Two battered ships drift in the foreground while smoke and flame.

The Almighty Hellburners of Antiquity

Hellburners were a type of fire ship best-known to have been used in Europe during the 16th century AD. Whilst hellburners were first used during the early modern period, fire ships were already in...