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Navajo mythology is woven into the Navajo culture and its legendary rugs. 		Source: Oscar Ghost / Adobe Stock

The Cosmic Tales of Navajo Mythology: Portals to Evolving Worlds

Around the globe, many mythologies talk about gods that came from the sky and their extraordinary feats. Navajo mythology also falls under this context. In the present day, Navajo Indians are in a...
Hunts Mesa in the Navajo National Monument, which has three well-preserved Ancestral Puebloan people's cliff dwellings.     Source: Bill45 / Adobe Stock

Navajo National Monument and It’s Ancestral Puebloan Cliff Dwellings

Navajo National Monument is a national monument in Arizona, USA that is “famous” for its remarkable history and heritage. The monument is located within the territory of the Navajo Nation, hence its...
Navajo Yebichai (Yei Bi Chei) dancers. Edward S. Curtis. USA, 1900. The Welcome Collection, London

Can a Ghost Make You Ill? The Ghost Sickness Belief of the Native American Indians

Ghost sickness is the belief that ghosts are able to cause a living person to fall ill. This particular term is used by the Native Americans, especially amongst the Navajo people. Nevertheless, this...
Image credit © Dustin Naef “The Confluence”.

Breaking Sacred Ground: The Confluence, and Disruption of the Balance of Origin Sites

The Four Corners region of the United States is too mediocre a name to describe so vast an expanse of the Southwest, representing the corners of Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico. The...