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These abandoned cities from across the globe are the remnants of a different era. Pictured: Aerial view of Craco, Basilicata region of Italy. Source: Pavlo Glazkov / Adobe Stock

Six Abandoned Cities and Their Haunting Histories

Time is a cruel mistress, and nothing lasts forever. Eventually, even the greatest of empires and cities are doomed to crumble. Over the centuries, many once-prosperous towns have been abandoned and...
General Sherman, the world’s largest tree (Jim Bahn/CC BY 2.0), has been wrapped in a fireproof blanket. (Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks)

The World’s Largest Tree Might Go Up In Smoke

The largest measured tree in the world is a 275-foot (83.8 meter) sequoia known as General Sherman. Estimated at being 2,000 or 3,000 years old, the tree grows in the Sequoia National Park’s Giant...
The magnitude of the Storegga tsunami would have wiped out many modern Scottish cities. Source: Kevin Carden / Adobe Stock

8,000 Years Ago The Storegga Tsunami Shattered Scotland

The three Storegga Slides are amongst the largest known submarine landslides in history. They occurred under water, at the edge of Norway's continental shelf in the Norwegian Sea, approximately 6225–...
The Prehistoric Survivors of the Doggerland Tsunami Event

The Prehistoric Survivors of the Doggerland Tsunami Event

Thousands of years ago, mainland Europe and the UK were attached by a landmass called Doggerland. A tsunami hit that land and it was believed for a time that almost all of the hunter-gatherers who...
Overhead view of the Canaanite palace excavations in Tel Kabri, Israel. Source: Timothy Pierce

When the Earth Shook, A Famous Canaanite Palace Collapsed

A mystery concerning the destruction of an important Canaanite palace may have been solved. Experts now believe that an earthquake destroyed Tel Kabri in Israel over 3000 years ago. This site was...