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Malachite silver pendant and earrings.	Source: Pixabay

Ancient Crystals and Gemstones in Culture and Myth: Magical Malachite

Crystals and gemstones have been a part of ancient cultures for millennia. They were and continue to be used as decoration and to preserve the memories of those who have passed on. Malachite is one...
Polish archaeologists in Egypt looking for ancient evidence relating to the importance and role played by Egyptian deserts in early Egyptian civilization.       Source: E. Kuciewicz / Science in Poland

How Deserts Played A Key Role in the Building of Egypt

Egyptian deserts surrounded the ancient civilization of Egypt, and for many they were feared as places of danger and chaos. However, the Egyptians were also very dependent upon these desert regions...
Suspected Roman mine pits were uncovered, which would have intersected with a lost Roman road. Source: University of Exeter / Fair Use.

Roman Fort Excavation in England Reveals Lost Road and Ancient Mine

Setting this discovery in context, an article on the National Trust website declares that in 2006, the Cornwall and West Devon mining landscape achieved World Heritage Status recognized by UNESCO and...
Lake Kliluk

Canada’s Spotted Lake: The Most Alien-Looking Lake on Earth

The natural world has many wonders. One of the most remarkable is that of the so-called Spotted Lake in British Columbia, Canada. It is a polka-dotted body-of-water that looks so bizarre you could be...
Alien material in Crater on the Moon

Remnants of Alien Planets Found on the Moon

The Moon is a crater-pocked world. It has been continuously bombarded by meteorites throughout its existence. Because it has no atmosphere, it has no shield to protect it against incoming objects of...