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The Pompeii “bakery-prison” where slaves and donkeys were locked up to grind the grain needed to make bread.       Source: Pompeii archaeological park

Brutal Bakery-Prison Operated by Slaves and Donkeys Found in Pompeii

Archaeologists searching through excavated rubble at the site where Pompeii once stood in southern Italy recently discovered the remains of a small, cramped room with unique characteristics and a...
Ancient Mill Back in Action to Meet Coronavirus Demand

Ancient Mill Back in Action to Meet Coronavirus Demand

In Britain , a historic and ancient mill, that dates back a millennium is once more producing flour after 50 years. The Sturminster Newton Mill is milling flour to meet soaring demand during the...
The Valle dei Mulini.

The Ruins of Valle dei Mulini: Abandoned by Humans, Reclaimed by Nature

Ruins of old mills dot the landscape of the Valle dei Mulini (‘Valley of the Mills’). Their crumbled walls are the remains of abandoned structures which once filled the valley with human life. Now,...
The Nashtifan Windmills.

The Future of the Nashtifan Windmills is Blowing in the Wind

Wind power has been used for centuries by humans to move machines that act as a labor saving devices, taking the effort out an otherwise arduous task for man. One set of such machinery not only has...