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migration period

Theodelinda, queen of the Lombards, marries Agilulf, duke of Turin, in a painting by Fratelli Zavattari. Source: Fratelli Zavattari / Public domain

The Lombards: The “Barbaric” Germanic Warriors Who Changed Italy

As the Roman Empire crumbled, the history of the ancient world was undoubtedly marked and shaped by more than one powerful Germanic tribe. From their oldest roots, they developed into iconic ethnic...
Ancient German Tomb With Circle Of Female Skeletons Found

Ancient German Tomb With Circle Of Female Skeletons Found

In Germany, a spectacular, mysterious tomb has been found. Archaeologists uncovered what they believe to be the ancient German tomb of a 1500-year-old German lord . Six female skeletons arranged in a...
Reconstructed longhouse at Gene Fornby

Gene Fornby: The Ancient Swedish Village That Predates the Vikings

Located just outside Örnsköldsvik in northern Sweden, Gene Fornby is a reconstructed archaeological open-air museum based on the finds of an ancient settlement. It became a popular tourist attraction...
Bavarian skulls on the left and in the middle show signs of deformation; the one on the right is not deformed.

Geneticist Suggests Long-Skulled Ladies Were Used as Treaty Brides in Europe

A group of 13 women stood out from the crowd in some southern German villages along the Danube River 1500 years ago. Their DNA suggests they came from another region and they were physically distinct...