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Medieval battle reenactor defended his home using an ancient battle ax. Source: alexmina / Adobe Stock.

Battle Reenactors Slashing Criminals and Innocents

A US burglar learned a stinging lesson taught by a weapons collector with a huge ax. A convicted criminal learned ‘another’ hard lesson while breaking into the home of a weapons collector when he was...
A meteorite that a farmer used as a doorstop for years is actually worth $100,000!

Farmer Discovers He’s Been Using a Meteorite As a Doorstop…And It’s Worth $100,000

By Cat Bolton , Epoch Times When an anonymous farmer in Michigan purchased his property roughly 30 years ago, the previous owner claimed that a massive rock on the property—being used as a doorstop...
Great Lakes Underwater Structures

9,000-year-old complex hunting structures found beneath the Great Lakes

A new study conducted by the University of Michigan has revealed a complex set of ancient hunting structures found under nearly 40 metres of water in Lake Huron, according to a report in Live Science...