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Thousands of artifacts and architectural remains have been uncovered during metro excavations in Thessaloniki. Source: Attiko Metro SA

Thessaloniki Metro Construction Reveals Unimaginable Treasures

The construction of local metro facilities in the ancient Greek port city of Thessaloniki have uncovered a massive stash of thousands of archaeological treasures from different periods of...
A chamber found under the Plaza San Francisco during works on a subway station in Quito Ecuador.

Subway Station or Cultural Preservation? Development Clashes with Patrimony at a World Heritage Site

The city of Quito, Ecuador is a recognized UNESCO World Heritage Site due to having the best-preserved and extensive historic centers in Latin America. But there is another, much older story below...
Underground Ruins - Greece, Byzantine Pompeii

Construction work in Greece uncovers 'Byzantine Pompeii'

Extensive construction work to build a new underground Metro system in the city of Thessaloniki in Greece has led to the discovery of a wealth of archaeological finds , leading some to label the area...
Thessaloniki Byzantine Underground Road

Greeks rally to save ancient road on subway site

Archaeologists in Greece are fighting a battle to save an ancient Roman road which was found on a planned subway station. Around 200 state-employed archaeologists formed a chain around the site in...