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The UNESCO West-African Burkina Faso metallurgy site’s Tiwêga furnace, near Kaya. Source: Sébastien Moriset / © DSCPM/MCAT

Impressive Metalworking in Burkina Faso Goes Back 2,800 Years

One of the most fascinating World Heritage Sites is the Ancient Ferrous Metallurgy Sites of Burkina Faso. Metallurgy in Burkina Faso was a common practice throughout this area of Africa that dates...
Daskalio, Keros could be the birthplace of the Greek civilization.

Origin of Greek Civilization Believed Found On Monumental Pyramid Island

A new discovery has possibly revealed the origin of Ancient Greek culture. In a remote and uninhabited pyramid-shaped islet, archaeologists have found evidence of a rich cultural and monumental...
Dhaskalio promontory (Keros Island, Greece) shows evidence of extensive earth and metal works to sculpt its natural pyramid shape.

A Jewel in the Aegean: Greeks Used Advanced Engineering to Create a Monumental Island

Excavation work directed by the University of Cambridge on the island of Keros, a remote and unpopulated Greek island in the Cyclades, has unearthed an intricate series of memorial structures and...