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medieval weapons

Reenactment of two Armored Medieval Knights Fighting with Swords. Source: Gorodenkoff/Adobe Stock

What a Medieval Duel Really Looked Like (Video)

In medieval Europe , justice was often sought through grim ordeals, and the judicial duel was a stark example. The murder of Charles the Good, Count of Flanders, triggered a brutal confrontation...
Greek sea fire. Source: YouTube Screenshot / Weird History.

Medieval Superweapons That Sound Made Up (Video)

In medieval times, warfare saw the emergence of remarkable yet often overlooked superweapons. Greek fire , a Byzantine invention, was a mysterious and devastating flammable liquid. Its composition, a...
Crossbow of Count Ulrich von Wurttemberg. Source: Metropolitan Museum of Art / Public Domain.

Is the Hebrew Inscription on This Crossbow a Secret Code? (Video)

Art history resembles detective work , often concealing mysteries waiting to be unraveled. Among the array of crossbows at the New York Met, one stands out as truly exceptional. Its ivory panels bear...
Longsword fighting. Source: Cyberguru / CC by SA 4.0.

Longsword Fighting, A Once-Forgotten Martial Art Resurfaces (Video)

In recent years Longsword fighting, a once-forgotten martial art has experienced a modern resurgence across the USA. Referred to as German longsword, it traces its roots to the late Middle Ages , but...
Sketch of Medieval shield and throwing darts. Source: YouTube Screenshot / Tod’s Workshop.

Strange Medieval Weapons: Throwing Darts (Video)

In this fascinating exploration of unconventional medieval weaponry , we delve into a unique find: a shield adorned with throwing darts. These weapons, as Tod from YouTube’s Tod's Workshop and Matt...
: Medieval trebuchet. Source: anibal / Adobe Stock.

Siege and Snipe: The Deadly Impact of Trebuchets and Longbows (Video)

Trebuchets and medieval longbows were both iconic weapons of warfare during the medieval period, each possessing unique characteristics and playing vital roles on the battlefield. Trebuchets were...
Medieval knight. Source: Lucija / Adobe Stock.

Could You Survive as a Medieval Knight? (Video)

Life as a medieval knight was physically demanding, shaped by rigorous training, protective armor , and formidable weapons. The path to becoming a knight began at a young age, with training...
Skulls showing battle injuries. Source: Jan / Adobe Stock.

Skeletons Show Horrific Injuries from The Battle of Towton (Video)

The Battle of Towton , fought on March 29, 1461, during the Wars of the Roses , was a gruesome and decisive conflict in English history. Archaeological excavations at Towton have revealed a mass...
Medieval knights with weapons. Source: Diatomic / Adobe Stock.

Medieval Warfare Unleashed: Discovering the Arsenal of a Knight (Video)

The medieval knight was known for their impressive arsenal of weapons, each with its own unique purpose on the battlefield. Swords were the most iconic weapon of the knight , but other melee weapons...