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Maya civilization

Left; Carved pendant plaque of a human head from the burial. Right; Jade Mask in fragments. Source: C. Halperin/Antiquity

Ritual Burning of Royal Remains Marked Maya Regime Change

Researchers in Guatemala have unearthed fascinating evidence of a dramatic ritual burning of royal remains, pointing to a significant political shift in the ancient Maya city of Ucanal. This find not...
Researchers Find Ilopango Mega-eruption Caused A Maya Armageddon

Researchers Find Ilopango Mega-eruption Caused A Maya Armageddon

A new scientific study of an ice core sample from Greenland has demonstrated how the Central-American Ilopango mega-eruption wiped out an entire Maya area, 1,590 years ago. Oxford University...
Inscribed stone from a monument at Witzna with scorching dated to 697.      Source: Francisco Estrada-Belli / Nature Magazine

‘Total Maya Warfare’ Happened Much Earlier Than Scientists Believed

Archaeologists studying the fate of the flame engulfed ancient Maya city of Witzna believe that in AD 697 an army of Naranjo ’s, from a kingdom in what is now Guatemala , caused the catastrophic...
Left; Grolier Codex, Page 4. Right; Grolier Codex, Page 7.        Source: Left; Public Domain  Right; Public Domain

Experts in Mexico Finally Declare the Grolier Codex is the Real Deal

Mexico's National Institute of History and Anthropology has announced that a controversial document, previously known as the “Grolier Codex”, is authentic. After years of scrutiny, they have finally...