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The rare St George seal, a matrix seal, found during the Villers-Cotterêts medieval castle restoration project last year.		Source: Serge Le Maho / Inrap

Unique St George Seal Found in Castle Ruins in Northern France

In 2020 the Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs (DRAC) in France’s northernmost region, Hauts-de-France, requested that the country’s National Monuments Center (CMN) begin renovation of an...
Main: Medieval Woman. Source: moredix / Adobe Stock Inset: The medieval seal of a young woman was found in Buckinghamshire, England. Source: Oxfordshire County Council

Silver Signature: Medieval Seal Brings a Woman’s Life to Light

Sometimes a small archaeological find can provide really important insights into our past. A metal detectorist found a tiny artifact that belonged to women who lived in the 14th century in Britain. A...
Clan Campbell seal matrix of Sir John Campbell of Cawdor.    Source: Sarah Lambert-Gates & Darko Maricevic ̌ / Antiquity Publications Ltd

Lost Clan Campbell Seal Reveals Clues to Scottish Feud

Archaeologists in Scotland excavating a castle on the western isles have discovered a seal matrix forged in a time of great struggle between the clan Campbell and clan MacDonald. In the early 17th-...
Diagram of the Seqe/Ceke system of Cusco, a believed system of energy lines radiating from Cusco that connected through the cities, shrines, temples and sacred sites of the Incan empire. Planned intricately, the temple of Coricancha sat at the center.

Rediscovering the Lost Code of the Inca Cosmic Power Matrix

The National Museum in Quito, Ecuador exhibits an otherworldly collection of sheet-gold masks representing the Andean sun god Inti. Zig-zag rays of golden light burst from his face and some end in...