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Correfoc, Mallorca. Source: Jordi / Adobe Stock.

Correfoc: The “Demonic” Tradition of Mallorca (Video)

On the Spanish island of Mallorca, an ancient tradition known as 'correfoc' has been captivating locals and visitors alike for decades. This unique festival , rooted in medieval street theatre and...
Christopher Columbus before the Catholic Monarchs at the court of Barcelona (V. Turgis, 19th century )  (Public Domain)

Christopher Columbus Finding The New Jerusalem And King Solomon’s Ophir

Cristobal Colón was born in mid-1460 as the illegitimate son of Prince Carlos (Charles IV) of Viana, Spain, and Margarita Colón, of a prominent Jewish family in the ghetto of the Island of Mallorca,...
Cave stalactites and stalagmites. Credit: Santi Rodríguez / Adobe Stock

Ancient Cave Crystals Reveal Sea Levels Were 50 Feet Higher in Warmer Climate

Scientist studying ancient crystals in a Spanish cave have discovered disconcerting evidence that shows just how high sea levels can rise in a warmer climate. 4.4 million years ago, one of your...