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Casu Marzu cheese with maggots. Source: ballylocci / Adobe Stock.

This Ancient Cheese is Eaten With Live Maggots (Video)

In the rustic landscapes of Italy's Sardinia , an age-old culinary tradition endures – one that might bewilder the uninitiated palate. Casu martzu, known as "rotten cheese," boasts a history that...
Leech therapy. Source: Natalia Terenteva / Adobe Stock

Ancient Maggot and Leech Therapy Sees Revival to Fight Antibiotic Resistance

A sharp increase in global antibiotic resistance has caused scientists to search for viable alternatives. But while innovative ancient treatments using maggots, leeches and honey are being...
Caterpillar maggot could be used in re-emerging maggot medicine.

Australian Scientists Explore The Medical Marvels Of Ancient Maggot Therapy

The ‘next’ button is probably the best option for those readers of a prudish or squeamish nature, as this is a news story telling of advancements in the ancient medical arts of ‘Maggot therapy’ and...