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Greek sea fire. Source: YouTube Screenshot / Weird History.

Medieval Superweapons That Sound Made Up (Video)

In medieval times, warfare saw the emergence of remarkable yet often overlooked superweapons. Greek fire , a Byzantine invention, was a mysterious and devastating flammable liquid. Its composition, a...
Medieval Archer. Source: Marla / Adobe Stock.

What Did a Medieval Archer Do After His Arrows Were Spent? (Video)

What does an archer do when there are no more arrows left to fire? Is his job for the day done? In the realm of medieval warfare, after the arrows had been launched, the life of a bowman took a new...
Ancient hunting bow. Source: serikbaib / Adobe Stock.

How to Make a Neolithic Longbow (Video)

In this YouTube video, the host takes viewers on a journey to create an English longbow using primitive technology. Starting with a big chunk of flint, the host carefully chips off a tool to craft...
Medieval archer. Source: Warpedgalerie / Adobe Stock.

Mastering the Bow: The Life of a Medieval Archer (Video)

Imagine yourself standing on the front lines of a medieval battlefield , equipped with only a bow and arrow. This was the reality for archers during the Middle Ages, whose skills were often the...
The Hundred Years’ War was a conflict between French and English kings. Source: diter / Adobe Stock

The Hundred Years’ War: A Century of Bloodshed

As one of the key strategic regions of Europe, and a prosperous, large kingdom of the Middle Ages, France was always an area of struggle, intrigue, war, and vying for power. Ever since its emergence...
Main: Representation of a man firing a medieval longbow. (Oksana Volina / Adobe stock).     Inset: Exit wounds seen on the cranium used in the study. (Oliver Creighton / University of Exeter)

Study Reveals Medieval Longbows Were As Devastating As Modern Guns

A study has revealed the amazing power of the English medieval longbow. British researchers have found that they caused horrific injuries, based on their study of human remains. They have likened the...
On Left – Portrait of Edward III of England. On Right – Edward III of England proudly receives his son, Edward the Black Prince, for the successful conduct of the Battle of Crécy.

King Edward III Had Eyes on the French Kingship and it Led to the Hundred Years War

King Edward III of England had his eyes set on the French throne in the 14 th century AD. He was a descendant of French kings on his mother’s side and apparently was not satisfied with just being the...