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A boy with the measles. Credit: bilanol / Adobe Stock

Lungs of 2-Year-Old Reveal Ancient Origins of Measles Virus

The world’s oldest known measles sample has been discovered in the lungs of a girl who died in 1912 and scientists now suggest the ancient virus jumped from animals to humans around 300 BC, making...
The killing of sheep found in the UK have been blamed on Satanists.  Source: LoloStock / Adobe Stock

Fears Satanists May Be Attacking Animals in Britain

A number of animals have been brutally killed in Britain and some believe that they were slain by Satanists. Symbols associated with devil worship were found painted on two of the dead creatures...
Ancient DNA shows movement and interactions encouraged by pastoralism in Africa. Source: kubikactive / Adobe Stock

Ancient DNA is Revealing the Origins of Livestock Herding in Africa

Visitors to East Africa are often amazed by massive herds of cattle with a gorgeous array of horn, hump and coat patterns. Pastoralism – a way of life centered around herding – is a central part of...
Mongolia Nomadic Life

Spectacular photographs shed light on the ancient nomadic lifestyle of Mongolia‏

Amid the stark beauty of Mongolia’s varied landscapes lives one of the world's last surviving nomadic cultures, whose customs pre-date the age of Genghis Khan, founder of the Mongol Empire (1162 –...