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The largest giant handaxe found at the Maritime Academy School site in Frindsbury, Kent, UK.	Source: Ingrey et al/Internet Archaeology

Giant Handaxes Are Among Largest Prehistoric Stone Tools Ever Unearthed in Britain

Researchers from the UCL Institute of Archaeology have discovered some of the largest ever prehistoric stone tools unearthed in Britain. A thorough excavation conducted in Kent unveiled ancient...
Example of a long-tailed macaque using a stone tool to access food. Source: © Lydia V. Luncz/Science

Is Archaeology Getting it Wrong? ‘Ancient Stone Tools’ Accidentally Made by Modern Monkeys

Archaeologists from the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology have announced their discovery of stone fragments that closely resemble ancient stone tools made by prehistoric humans. What...
Swan Point Alaska’s Unique Stone Tools Are Proof of Beringia Theory

Swan Point Alaska’s Unique Stone Tools Are Proof of Beringia Theory

Swan Point is an archaeological site located in the Tanana Valley, in the US state of Alaska. The site is notable for containing evidence of human occupation dating as far back as 14000 years ago,...
Vale da Pedra Furada Stone Tool Questions First Americans Timeline

Vale da Pedra Furada Stone Tool Questions First Americans Timeline

Evidence excavated from a fertile archaeological site in Brazil known as Vale da Pedra Furada may force researchers to re-evaluate existing theories about when modern humans first arrived in South...
Human Evolutionary Theory Needs Updating, Again

Human Evolutionary Theory Needs Updating, Again

Until now the Middle Stone Age is thought to have ended about 30,000 years ago. However, new evidence unearthed in Africa suggests the tools which define this period of African prehistory between the...
Clovis tools may have been developed to hunt the last of the North American megafauna. Source: Daniel /Adobe Stock

Short Lived Clovis Tools May Have Killed Off North American Megafauna

While they were not the earliest inhabitants of the Americas, the Clovis people had an extremely significant prehistoric culture that was distinctive and widespread across what is now North America...
Insert: Example of a Howiesons Poort stone tool found at the Klipdrift Shelter. Background: Overview of Klipdrift Complex From Sea. (Credits Magnus Haaland). Experts have found that similar tools were found hundreds of kilometers away in the Stone Age in South Africa.

Social Ties in Stone Age South Africa: Experts Find Stone Tools Connected Far Away Communities

Stone tools that were discovered and examined by a group of international experts showed for the first time that various communities that lived during the Middle Stone Age period were widely...
Artistic impression of primitive “Stone Age” man

Australian archaeologists dropped the term Stone Age decades ago, and so should you

“Stone Age” is a term often used to refer to early periods in human cultural evolution, when deliberately manufactured sharp stone flakes were the main cutting tool. But it’s also used to describe...
Ötzi Memorial, Austria (GFDL), Ötzi Arrow (Wierer et al), Ötzi Reconstruction (CC BY SA 3.0 )

The Final Days of Otzi: Stone Tools Reveal What the Iceman Endured

Stone tools found with a 5,300-year-old frozen mummy from Northern Italy reveal how alpine Copper Age communities lived, according to a study published in the open-access journal PLOS ONE by Ursula...
Archaeologist at uncovering bones at the Kalinga site.

Butchered Rhino Indicates Much Earlier Human Occupation of the Philippines

Archaeologists have made an extraordinary find that shows that early humans occupied the Philippines much earlier than thought. According to a report in scientific journal Nature , archaeologists...