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Ancient Burial Brings New Date Of First Maize Use In Mesoamerica

Ancient Burial Brings New Date Of First Maize Use In Mesoamerica

An international team of researchers has investigated the earliest humans in Central America and how they adapted over time to new and changing environments, and how those changes have affected human...
They newly discovered distillery in China. Source:

Massive 500-Year-Old Distillery Found in China is on Industrial Scale

Archaeologists have discovered the ruins of a massive distillery in China that dates to the Ming and Qing dynasties. The discovery is believed to be the largest of its kind ever made in China,...
Proto-cuneiform recording the allocation of beer, probably from southern Iraq, Late Prehistoric period, about 3100-3000 BC

Archaeologist attempts to revive lost alcoholic beverages from ancient recipes and residues

An archaeologist working with a brewery is recreating ancient beers from around the world, including Turkey, Egypt, Italy, Denmark, Honduras and China. Alcohol archaeologist Patrick McGovern thinks...
3,500-year-old Scandinavian alcohol

Brewery recreates 3,500-year-old Scandinavian alcohol

New research has found that ancient Scandinavians drank alcohol made from a combination of barley, honey, cranberries, herbs and grape wine. Dogfish Head Craft Brewery have now recreated the Nordic...