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The story of Reynard Beck, known as “The Floating Wonder,” sounds like science fiction. Source

The Floating Wonder of Reynard Beck: Hoax or Miracle of Nature?

This world is full of mysteries - that much is true. The story of Reynard Beck is little known, but once heard it never stops to tickle the fancy. It is a story that trickled through time, from the...
Young woman levitating

Acoustic Levitation: Floating on a Wave of Sound

Experiments in sound or acoustic levitation are common and ongoing. Dozens of researchers have managed to use sound waves to levitate and move tiny particles and liquid droplets. Multiple vibrating...
 The Flying Carpet, a depiction of the hero of Russian folklore, Ivan Tsarevich 1880 by Viktor Vasnetsov

Ancient Levitation – Magicians Secret Crafts Revealed

Since the dawn of its existence, mankind has developed survival skills. One of the very basic survival skills modern man does not even pay much attention to, is the need to make sense of our...
Levitation was well documented in the case of Saint Joseph of Copertino, who was considered something of a nuisance by the Church. There is no reason to consider the Church's account fabricated.

Most Outstanding Case of Levitation in History, Witnessed by Multitudes: Expert Discusses

By Tara MacIsaac , Epoch Times Most scholars avoid delving into historical records of levitation and other forms of psychokinesis. Dr. Michael Grosso, however, has deliberately delved in. The...