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Lake Baikal

Landscape at the Baikal lake in Siberia, origins of the first Americans? Source: serge-b / Adobe Stock

Found! The Deepest Link Between Siberians and the First Americans

Using human population genetics, ancient pathogen genomics, and isotope analysis, a team of researchers assessed the population history of the Lake Baikal region, finding the deepest connection to...
Medieval Weapon-Making Foundry Discovered on Shore of Lake Baikal

Medieval Weapon-Making Foundry Discovered on Shore of Lake Baikal

By The Siberian Times reporter Furnaces for advanced metal production have been found under a dirt track used by summer tourists. Archaeologists walking to a beauty spot on Lake Baikal chanced across...
Representational image of a male Siberian Husky with Two Blue Eyes. Photo taken at Yosemite National Park, California, USA.

Researcher Presents Evidence for Cherished Role of Prehistoric Dogs in the Siberian Arctic

Dogs have been accorded that final, most honorable memorial of burial ever since humans have kept the loyal animal, even more than other domesticated animals like cats and horses, a researcher says...
Lake Baikal - Siberia

24,000-Year-Old Boy reveals Origins of Native Americans

The DNA of a young boy found in eastern Siberia holds the key to unravelling the mystery of where Native Americans originated . The 24,000 year-old remains revealed two major surprises for...